Abbreviating “Epistle”

The SBLHS 2 recommends that readers use the abbreviation “Ep.” when epistula(e) appears within an abbreviated title (see SBLHS 2 § For example:

John Chrysostom

Ep. carc. Epistula ad episcopos, presbyteros et diaconos in carcere
Ep. Cyr. Epistula ad Cyriacum
1 Ep. Innoc. Ad Innocentium papam epistula I
2 Ep. Innoc. Ad Innocentium papam epistula II

Similarly, unnamed epistles can be abbreviated:

Gregory of Nazianzus

Ep. Epistulae

For consistency, we recommend changing the following abbreviation of Jerome in  the SBLHS 2 § to match:



Epist. Epistulae


Ep. Epistulae

For instructions on how to number epistles and how to cite epistles in a bibliography, see the SBLHS 2 §6.4.4.

6 thoughts on “Abbreviating “Epistle”

    • You are correct. SBLHS 2 § contains the abbreviations for Jerome. SBLHS 2 § contains the general abbreviation for “epistle.” We have corrected the post. Thanks!


  1. SBLHS 2 § contains the abbreviations for Ambrose, but does not discuss his letters.
    What abbreviation do you recommend for his “Epistulae extra collectionem”?


      • Many thanks!

        I would like to ask another question, if I may. As a matter of fact, I asked it in an e-mail of 08/31/2016, but nobody has responded. Here it goes:

        The 15th edition of the Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum has several printings. It it sometimes important to mention those, since “4. korrigierter Druck” is often different in important details from “2. korrigierter Druck”. Unfortunately, SBLHS2 does not discuss references to printings. Could you please give me some recommendation about such references?


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