Publisher Name Changes

Publishers often change names over the course of their histories, as they restructure internally or merge with other publishing houses. For example, when Westminster Press merged with John Knox Press in the early 1990s, the publishing house Westminster John Knox Press was created. In bibliographic entries, the name of the publisher should match the name … Continue reading Publisher Name Changes

Multiple Cities of Publication

Bibliographic citations should include the city in which a publisher is headquartered: Hamori, Esther J., and Jonathan Stökl. Perchance to Dream: Dream Divination in the Bible and the Ancient Near East. ANEM 21. Atlanta: SBL Press, 2018. Some publishers have headquarters in more than one location, leaving one to wonder which location should be included … Continue reading Multiple Cities of Publication

Brown Judaic Studies

Brown Judaic Studies Monograph Series (BJS) is a peer-reviewed monograph series that publishes high-quality, specialized books aimed primarily at a scholarly audience. The first three BJS volumes were published in 1977 by Scholars Press: Tzvee Zahavy’s The Traditions of Eleazar ben Azariah (BJS 2), William Scott Green’s edited Persons and Institutions in Early Rabbinic Judaism … Continue reading Brown Judaic Studies