Citing Reference Works 10: Cambridge History of Judaism

As noted earlier (here), the Cambridge Ancient History (CAH) and Cambridge History of Judaism (CHJ) are somewhat similar to handbooks and companions but different enough to merit their own posts. This is especially the case with CHJ, since this post updates the SBLHS citation style for this series. Specifically, contra SBLHS §§8.4.1–2, which lists the … Continue reading Citing Reference Works 10: Cambridge History of Judaism

Citing Reference Works 2: Lexica

The previous post (here) laid the foundation for the discussions to follow by identifying three sets of distinctions: entries versus articles; signed versus unsigned pieces; and an authored versus an edited work. In terms of those distinctions, this post on lexica (the preferred plural of lexicon) pertains to dictionary-type works containing unsigned entries in both … Continue reading Citing Reference Works 2: Lexica

Jacoby and FGrHist

Felix Jacoby’s Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker is a multivolume collection of extracts and quotations of Greek historians whose complete works are known but not extant. Building on the work of Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Müller’s Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (1841–1870, abbreviated FHG), Jacoby published the first volume in 1923 and continued with additional volumes until his … Continue reading Jacoby and FGrHist

Le Monde de la Bible

The SBLHS 2 §§8.4.1 and 8.4.2 contains the following abbreviation: MdB Le Monde de la Bible Readers familiar with the Labor et Fides series will think the italics an error. There are, however, multiple publications with the title “Le Monde de la Bible,” including a journal and at least two independent volumes. We propose expanding … Continue reading Le Monde de la Bible

Brown Judaic Studies

Brown Judaic Studies Monograph Series (BJS) is a peer-reviewed monograph series that publishes high-quality, specialized books aimed primarily at a scholarly audience. The first three BJS volumes were published in 1977 by Scholars Press: Tzvee Zahavy’s The Traditions of Eleazar ben Azariah (BJS 2), William Scott Green’s edited Persons and Institutions in Early Rabbinic Judaism … Continue reading Brown Judaic Studies

Suomen Eksegeettisen Seuran julkaisuja

The Finnish Exegetical Society publishes the series Suomen Eksegeettisen Seuran julkaisuja (Eng.: Publications of the Finnish Exegetical Society). Following Schwertner (2014), we recommend using the Finnish title for the series and its corresponding abbreviation: SESJ Suomen Eksegeettisen Seuran julkaisuja If for some reason the English must be used, the following abbreviation is appropriate: PFES Publications … Continue reading Suomen Eksegeettisen Seuran julkaisuja