Citing Smyth’s Greek Grammar

Herbert Weir Smyth’s Greek Grammar has been a standard tool for students and scholars of Greek for over a hundred years. Focusing on Attic Greek, but giving examples from a wide range of ancient Greek literature, this single-volume reference grammar covers all aspects of the language, from the fundamental elements of the alphabet and accents … Continue reading Citing Smyth’s Greek Grammar

Titles in Non-Latin Alphabets

SBLHS 2 § provides guidelines on how to format bibliographic entries for modern works that have titles in non-Latin alphabets (e.g., Modern Hebrew, Greek, and Cyrillic). As noted there, the titles of such works should ordinarily be given in translation only, with the original language indicated in parenthesis. The handbook does not, however, specify where … Continue reading Titles in Non-Latin Alphabets

Citing Page Numbers for Chapters and Articles

We are frequently asked how to format page references for chapters and articles in footnotes. If you are citing the entire chapter or article, the answer is easy enough: include the entire page range. For example: Bart Geurts, “Presupposition and Givenness,” in The Oxford Handbook of Pragmatics, ed. Yan Huang (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017), 180–98. … Continue reading Citing Page Numbers for Chapters and Articles