Musonius Rufus

Gaius Musonius Rufus (ca. 30–62 CE) was a well-known Stoic philosopher in the Roman Empire. No written treatises survive from Musonius, but his teachings are recorded in thirty-two apothegms (called fragments below) and twenty-one discourses preserved by other writers (see Musonius Rufus in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy). To maintain consistency with other ancient references … Continue reading Musonius Rufus

Historia Augusta

Recently we received a question about the recommended system of abbreviation for the various biographies that constitute the Historia Augusta. This reader query provides a useful opportunity to highlight several elements of SBLHS style. The Historia Augusta is “a collection of biographies … of Roman emperors, Caesars, and usurpers” between the early first century through the late third century CE, specifically, from Hadrian … Continue reading Historia Augusta