Dio Cassius

Dio Cassius (a.k.a. Cassius Dio, Dio) was a second-century CE Roman historian. He is best known for his eighty-book Roman History. Because this classic work is Dio Cassius’s sole surviving work, some scholars choose to reference the work by Dio Cassius’s name alone:

(Dio Cassius, 1.2)

However, to maintain consistency with other ancient references with an identifiable author, we recommend that readers use the following abbreviation:

Hist. rom. Dio Cassius, Historiae romanae

References to the work should include Dio Cassius’s name, an abbreviation for the work, and the specific part of the text being referenced:

(Dio Cassius, Hist. rom. 1.2)

Historiae romanae comprises eighty books, each of which is further subdivided into chapters and sections. The example above cites chapter 2 of book 1; to cite section 3 of chapter 2, one would write: Dio Cassius, Hist. rom. 1.2.3.

When an English translation of the work is quoted, the translator’s name should be included in brackets (see SBLHS 2 §6.4.2):

(Dio Cassius, Hist. rom. 1.2 [Cary])

The Greek text and English translations of Historiae romanae are available online at the Perseus Collection (Greek only) and at Archive.org (Greek and English).

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