Special Footnotes

Footnotes are typically used to provide bibliographic details (in traditional citation style) and discussions that supplement the main argument. Footnotes can also indicate where a work has been previously published or presented, acknowledge the author’s gratitude for another’s assistance in preparing the current work, or, in the case of Festschriften, express the author’s sentiments toward … Continue reading Special Footnotes

Publisher Name Changes

Publishers often change names over the course of their histories, as they restructure internally or merge with other publishing houses. For example, when Westminster Press merged with John Knox Press in the early 1990s, the publishing house Westminster John Knox Press was created. In bibliographic entries, the name of the publisher should match the name … Continue reading Publisher Name Changes

Series Volume Identifiers: Old/New and Concurrent Series

Formatting series volume identifiers can be problematic when a series begins anew or is divided into distinct concurrent sections. In such cases, the notation 1/ or 2/ distinguishes the different series. 1. Consecutive Series When a series begins anew, we prefer that authors distinguish between the old and new series with the appropriate label: 1/ … Continue reading Series Volume Identifiers: Old/New and Concurrent Series