Electronic Journals with Individually Paginated Articles

An earlier post provided guidelines on how to format citations from HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies (HvTSt), an online journal that no longer has a print counterpart. The principles outlined there apply equally to other online journals that lack a print counterpart or are paginated differently than the print edition, such as the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (JHebS). Citations for articles from these journals should include the author, article title, volume number, issue number (if applicable), year, article number, internal page numbers, and DOI (SBLHS §§6.3.10, 6.4.15):

16. Wolfgang Oswald, “Foreign Marriages and Citizenship in Persian Period Judah,” JHebS 12 (2012): art. 6, p. 3, https://doi.org/10.5508/jhs.2012.v12.a6.

18. Oswald, “Foreign Marriages,” 3.

Oswald, Wolfgang. “Foreign Marriages and Citizenship in Persian Period Judah.” JHebS 12 (2012): art. 6, pp. 1–17. https://doi.org/10.5508/jhs.2012.v12.a6.

Even though the abbreviation p(p). is not normally given for page numbers in footnote citations, it is recommended in this case to distinguish the page number from the article number. This abbreviation is not needed in footnote citations after the first, since the article number is not listed.

Note further that, to bring SBLHS into greater conformity with CMS in the formatting of DOIs, SBL Press now prefers including the full URL (i.e., with https://), not just the DOI proper.

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