Analecta Biblica

The Pontifical Biblical Institute website reports that in 2013 they divided the series Analecta Biblica into two sections: Dissertationes and Studia. The Dissertationes section “is composed only of doctoral dissertations,” while the Studia section “is composed of monographs by professors or of collections of studies by an individual scholar or … a variety of scholars” (see here and here).

Important for SBLHS users is the announcement that Dissertationes will continue the numbering of the AnBib series that published its first volume in 1952. The Studia section begins with a new numbering system, which, of course, compels us to establish a new abbreviation to go with that numbering system.

SBL Press style will be to continue to use the AnBib for the Dissertationes section but to use AnBibSt for the new Studia section. Abbreviation entries for the two series should thus appear as follows:

AnBib Analecta Biblica
AnBibSt Analecta Biblica, Studia

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