Studia Pohl and Studia Pohl Series Maior

SBLHS §§8.4.1–2 contain the preferred abbreviation for the series Studia Pohl, published by the Pontifical Biblical Institute: StPohl. Lacking, however, is an abbreviation for the Studia Pohl subseries Series Maior.

For those unfamiliar with that subseries, the Pontifical Biblical Institute website explains: “This subseries of the Pontifical Biblical Institute has been separated from Studia Pohl because its larger page size makes possible the reproduction of texts, photographs, plans, maps, etc. which cannot conveniently be reduced to the format of Studia Pohl” (see here).

Because Studia Pohl Series Maior volumes are numbered separately from Studia Pohl volumes (see here), the subseries will be assigned its own abbreviation in the next edition of SBLHS: StPohlSM. We encourage anyone who follows SBLHS to begin using this new abbreviation now.

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