The Studia Philonica Annual

TSPhiloA_imagehe Studia Philonica Annual, published by SBL Press, is a journal dedicated to the writings of Philo of Alexandria and Hellenistic Judaism more generally. It began in 1972 as Studia Philonica (SPhilo) and became known as the Studia Philonica Annual in 1989. For more on the history of the journal, see here.

Prior to the SBLHS 2, the editors and their contributors used the abbreviation SPhA to refer to the journal. However, Brill’s book series Studies in Philo of Alexandria was also abbreviated as SPhA. To avoid confusion, we have assigned SPhA to the Brill series and SPhiloA to the journal. The monograph series associated with the journal, the Studia Philonica Monograph Series, has been given the abbreviation SPhiloM.

Note: The lack of italics for SPhiloA in the SBLHS 2 is an error. As a journal, it should be italicized.

2 thoughts on “The Studia Philonica Annual

  1. Can you do a post on citing Studia Patristica articles. There’s several ways one could approach this and the handbook doesn’t provide a lot of help.


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