Abbreviating “Epistle”

The SBLHS 2 recommends that readers use the abbreviation “Ep.” when epistula(e) appears within an abbreviated title (see SBLHS 2 § For example: John Chrysostom Ep. carc. Epistula ad episcopos, presbyteros et diaconos in carcere Ep. Cyr. Epistula ad Cyriacum 1 Ep. Innoc. Ad Innocentium papam epistula I 2 Ep. Innoc. Ad Innocentium papam epistula … Continue reading Abbreviating “Epistle”


The fifth-century BCE historian Thucydides is known for his History of the Peloponnesian War (Historia belli peloponnesiaci). Because this classic work is Thucydides’s sole surviving work, some scholars choose to reference the work by Thucydides’s name alone: (Thucydides, 2.2) However, to maintain consistency with other ancient references with an identifiable author, we recommend that readers … Continue reading Thucydides