Lucian of Samasota

Lucian of Samasota (ca. 120 CE–ca. 180 CE) was an orator of the Second Sophistic. He was a prolific author, with more than seventy known works written in Greek. The SBLHS 2 contains abbreviations for about fifty works of these writings. The following abbreviations can be added to those:

Bacch. Bacchus
Cont. Contemplantes
Cyn. Cynicus
Dear. iud. Dearum iudicium
Dial. mar. Dialogi marini
Dips. Dipsades
Halc. Halcyon
Harm. Harmonides
Herc. Hercules
Herod. Herodotus
Hes. Hesiodus
Hipp. Hippias
Hist. cons. Quomodo historia conscribenda sit
Macr. Macrobii
Merc. cond. Pro mercede conductis
Nero Nero
Ocyp. Ocypus
Patr. enc. Patriae encomium
Prom. Prometheus
Prom. es. Prometheus es in uerbis
Sol. Soloecista
Trag. Tragodopodagra
Zeux. Zeuxis

Bibliographic Resources:

Lucian. Edited and translated by A. M. Harmon, K. Kilburn, and M. D. Macleod. 8 vols. LCL. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1913–1967.

The Loeb’s Lucian volumes are freely available online in, as part of the University of Toronto’s John M. Kelly Library collection.

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