Citing Text Collections 8: NTApoc

NTApoc is a two-volume translation of the sixth edition of Neutestamentliche Apokryphen, edited by Wilhelm Schneemelcher. The first edition of the German work was edited by Edgar Hennecke, which explains why sometimes one encounters references to Hennecke-Schneemelcher.

The current edition of NTApoc is actually the second English edition; the first was published in the mid-1960s but was substantially revised to conform to the sixth German edition. Because parts of the first English edition remain intact, a proper bibliographical citation of the work should not list Robert McL. Wilson as translator but as translator editor (i.e., trans. ed.).

Volume 1 of NTApoc is subtitled Gospels and Related Writings; volume 2 is Writings Relating to the Apostles, Apocalypses, and Related Subjects. Each of the individual works in the two volumes is attributed to a specific translator (e.g., “The Correspondence between Seneca and Paul,” by Cornelia Römer), who may need to be identified in a citation (see number 3 below).

Assuming that one has listed NTApoc in an abbreviation section (see abbreviation entry below), references to it need only list the abbreviation plus the volume, text number, and page(s). Note in the examples that follow that: (1) no comma is used between the abbreviation and the volume number (because NTApoc is a multivolume work) and (2) a colon appears between the text number and pages.

1. A simple pointer to a text within NTApoc may include only the abbreviation and the full location (i.e., volume, text number, page).

13. For the Acts of Andrew, see NTApoc 2:101–51.

2. The titles of the ancient works included in NTApoc are all fairly standard, so they may be given in roman font and sans quotation marks (as in the example immediately above). This formatting guideline differs, for example, from that given in the discussion of COS (here).

3. When quoting from NTApoc, it is good practice to identify both the title of the work and the name of the translator.

22. The Muratorian Fragment offers the following about Acts of the Apostles: “But the acts of all apostles are written in one book. For the ‘most excellent Theophilus’ Luke summarises the several things that in his own presence have come to pass, as also by the omission of the passion of Peter he makes quite clear, and equally by (the omission) of the journey of Paul, who from the city (of Rome) proceeded to Spain” (Mur. Frag. lines 34–39, trans. Wilhelm Schneemelcher, NTApoc 1:35).

4. As a rule, provide the most precise reference possible, not merely a page number in NTApoc, so that readers can easily identify the text portion being referenced.

37. For Lycomedes’s lament over his wife Cleopatra’s paralysis, see Acts John 20 (NTApoc 2:173).

NTApoc  Schneemelcher, Wilhelm, ed. New Testament Apocrypha. 2 vols. Rev. ed. English trans. ed. Robert McL. Wilson. Cambridge: Clarke; Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2003.

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