Herodian of Antioch

Herodian of Antioch is a lesser-known historian from the second–third centuries CE. His primary work is the History of the Empire from the Death of Marcus. It is common to encounter references with only Herodian’s name but not his work. However, to maintain consistency with other ancient references with an identifiable author, we recommend that authors use the following abbreviation:

Hist. Herodian, History of the Empire from the Death of Marcus

References to the work should include the name Herodian (including his city is unnecessary, unless confusion with Herodian the grammarian is likely), an abbreviation for the work, and the specific part of the text being referenced:

(Herodian, Hist. 2.2)

Herodian’s History of the Empire includes eight books, each of which is further subdivided into chapters and paragraphs. The example above cites paragraph 2 of book 2; to cite paragraph 4 of chapter 2 in the same book, one would write: Herodian, Hist. 2.2.4.

When an English translation of the work is quoted, the translator’s name should be included in brackets (see SBLHS 2 §6.4.2):

(Herodian, Hist. 2.2 [Whittaker])

The Greek text and English translations of Herodian’s History of the Empire are available through the Loeb Classical Library. The 1922 Stavenhagen edition of the Greek text can be viewed or downloaded here; the 1961 Echols translation is in the public domain and online here.

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