Bleg: Reference Management Software

A number of our readers use reference management software to collect, manage, and format bibliographic material. Popular examples include Endnote, Zotero, and Bookends. Such programs allow users to format references according to the Modern Language Association’s style (MLA), the American Psychological Association’s style (APA), and the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). They also allow users to input custom citation styles. For instance, over the past few years, users have created custom styles for the first edition of the SBLHS.

SBL Press does not endorse any specific reference management software. However, we acknowledge that such software applications are valuable tools for our members. We do not have the time or staff resources to create custom styles for these programs that match the new SBLHS. Therefore, we are asking for your assistance. If you or your organization has created a custom style for the new SBLHS, please let us know. We will collect your answers and share the results in a future post.

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