Beginning a Sentence with And or But

Like CMS §5.206, SBL Press acknowledges that it is acceptable to begin a sentence with a conjunction such as and or but. That being said, we recommend that authors use such constructions sparingly. While initial conjunctions can be effective, beginning too many sentences with simple conjunctions can lead to a disjointed composition and weaken the … Continue reading Beginning a Sentence with And or But

Research Methods

SBL Press recommends that scholarly research methods be lowercased unless they are part of an academic department, bibliographic reference, or program unit name. archaeology canonical criticism feminist criticism form criticism ideological criticism rhetorical criticism reception history social-scientific criticism sociorhetorical interpretation source criticism womanist interpretation but Asian and Asian American Hermeneutics (program unit) Department of Reception … Continue reading Research Methods

Feasts, Holidays, and Other Observances

The SBLHS 2 follows CMS §8.88 in capitalizing officially designated, recurring days in secular and religious calendars. These include festivals, holy days, liturgical seasons, and similar observances. Below are a few examples: Akitu Al-Hijra Ascension Day (as a liturgical day) Ash Wednesday Ashura Beltane Christmas (Day, Eve) Day of Atonement Diwali Easter Eid al-Fitr Eid … Continue reading Feasts, Holidays, and Other Observances